we live in a world where knowing is everything
but absolutely nothing is known
accusations, judgements, assumptions, gossip are all know as factual
all known as knowing
what we dont know, doesn’t exist in our world
we give it a label and a category to please our unsettling and fearful desires to know
what we assign it has know actual value or fact
in our minds it has the power to convince us as noledge and  this pleases us in numerous ways.
can we stop wanting to know?
know, that’s human nature, write?
fact and know is more than a concept
it can be seen in a variety of words on different labels
in blocky bright print
next to other words with no meaning
it entices people, arouses them even
prompting feelings of confidence, and assurance
but really means the same thing is n-u-t-h-i-n-g
take it to a simpler level
and know
are just a combination of letters
formed and distributed by people
of complete randomness and fate
that seizes to mean anything